Wednesday, March 9, 2011

o-luv performs with Tal Kravits, Lorraine aloysius at Kala Academy Goa

O-luv performs with Tal Kravits (Israel) , Lorraine Aloysius (Lorraine Music Academy) at Kala Academy Goa


Heritage Jazz powered together magical performances by Tal Kravitz, Delhi-based Lorraine Aloysius, daughter of Helen De Cruz, the original singer of ‘Ei Ei Catrina’ & Goa’s very own Olavo (O’Luv) who showcased a power-packed Indo-Israeli musical extravaganza for the first time ever with the dynamic trio presenting an amazing instrumental fusion. The highlight of the evening being O’Luv playing the ever famous legendary songs ‘ei ei Catrina’ and ‘Lisboa’ on a mere COMB for an instrument while Lorraine played the piano and Tal accompanied with his instruments. He also enthralled the audiences by belting out his original blockbuster "Ami Goenkar", from his hit album “Ooh Vah Veh” in which Lorna was also featured. The song splendidly features the culture and festivals of Goa; it also marked the last day of Carnival yesterday, which left the audience reeling and melodiously spellbound even after the show. O’Luv wished all the women in the crowd International Women’s Day and asked them to join him in singing “Ami Goenkar”, irrespective of being Goan or non-Goan, followed by the men who also joined into the musical carnival. The Israeli dignitaries added to the merry crowd by joining O’Luv on stage too. The curiosity of the audiences to know more about O’Luv’s talent of playing the Comb with a piece of paper for a musical instrument was overwhelming; as a talent such was never seen or heard before. The show was held at the Kala Academy Auditorium and was a runaway success, highlighting the most remarkable and astounding talents Goa has ever produced - its very own unanimous and undisputed Rockstar - O’Luv, who was instrumental in creating the enchanting synthesis and fusion of Konkani with international music taking Konkani to international heights with his amazing equation with his Israeli counterparts. The evening proved that Konkani can be blended internationally giving it a worldwide appeal.

The evening was presented by The Heritage Jazz, Lorraine Music Academy,Embassy of Israel, Kala Academy & Goa Marriott Resort.




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