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Brother Joel Lasrado as an Evangelist

Brother Joel Lasardo
“For many are called, But few are chosen  ”Matthew 22:14.

People know Brother Joel Lasrado as an Evangelist but there is much more to the story of a man and ministry that is impacting the lives of people with the life saving and miracle-working message of the word of God.

Joel was born in 3rd April 1975 in the City of Mangalore, India. When he was four months old he fell critically ill. Doctors at the hospital gave up hope about his survival, advising his parents to prepare for his funeral.

His parents, who are devout Catholics brought Joel home and placed him before the altar of God, praying for a miraculous healing. His father made a fervent prayer to the Lord, promising to dedicate his son to work for the kingdom of God if Joel was healed. Miraculously, God healed Joel completely that day itself.

 The crowd at at Retreat conducted by Bro. Joel Lazardo at Chandor, Goa
Little did his father know that one day at the age of 17 and half, God would call Joel to proclaim the Gospel. One day Joel’s Dad asked Joel to attend a retreat preached by Fr Kuriakose at Milagres Church, Mangalore. The word retreat was new to Joel and many of his friends gave him a wrong impression about the retreat saying it was about clapping, shouting and dancing.
 Brother Joel conducting a Retreat
Though confused initially about retreat, Joel went to observe rather than to pray. But to his surprise his name was called by the preacher on the second day of the retreat. During the prayer service, the word of God from Matthew 6.33 “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” touched his heart. That was the day Joel surrendered his heart and life to Jesus Christ. He then joined the Divine retreat Centre (DRC) in Kerala in India, which is the largest Catholic charismatic retreat centre. He served the Lord at the DRC until January 2012.

While still serving the Lord at the DRC, the Lord started to use him mightily to proclaim the Gospel to thousands of people in Goa and other states of India.

Bro. Joel travels all around the world to proclaim the Gospel under the guidance of the Catholic church. He is absolutely brilliant at explaining profound truths in simple ways, touching the lives of many.

Brother Joel Lazardo Conducting a retreat

 Crowd at one of the retreats in Goa

 Crowd at a retreat at Velim

 During recent years, he has been welcomed by many countries, preaching in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. His message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ continues to be fervent, motivating him to “ go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

Now in his 19th year of ministry as a preacher, evangelist and music producer, Bro. Joel remains committed, more than ever, to preaching the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing healings and transformations through the mighty and miraculous power of the Holy Spirit.

Through his music ministry, Bro. Joel’s Gospel songs have spectacularly captured a wide audience. His ability to touch lives with the word of God and Gospel songs is unique. They seem to reach the hearts of people in a special way that can only come from the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
 Brother Joel Praying over those gathered at the retreat
He has produced several anointed music CDs in English, Konkani and Hindi including Mama Mary, Eyes on Jesus and Rex Band. Popular singers and musicians have sung in his album, to reach out to all masses of people particularly the youth. The top most bands of Goa (Lynx, A26, Sky High, Pure Magic, Status 4, Archies) have played in his Gospel Albums. His songs are played on Radio FM in India. In Lisbon, Portugal FM, these Gospel songs are regularly played every Sunday. His recent Inner Healing CD, Mhojea Adarak Pav (Konkani) and Victory in Jesus (English) are highly anointed as they contain praise and worship songs with talk, touching many hearts and encouraging people to reflect on their lives.

In Goa Candolim, where he currently lives, Joel is married to Lydia and they have a beautiful daughter. His family has always supported him in his ministry.

 For prayers and to conduct retreats, please contact  Joel on his cell phone 00-91-9850225258 or alternatively you can email him on or you can get in touch with him on facebook. You may also view his preaching and singing on youtube.

Videos of Bro Joel on Youtube


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