Monday, March 9, 2009

Picnic at Dona Paula Beach (below Cabo Raj Bhavan) - Stress Buster

Picnic Picnic Picnic Picnic Picnic Picnic

It was on Sunday the 8th of March, 2009. After the Sunday mass I got a call from my friend Martin, saying come over to Dona Paula. So having told my mom that I wont be there for lunch, I set out for Dona Paula to my friends place. As I reached Panjim a few of my other friends called up saying that they too are proceeding towards Dona Paula. So we grouped ourselves at Panjim and proceeded towards Dona Paula.

We all met at my friend Martin's place.

So myself, martin along with his daughter Riddi, and other friends Dilip, Azavedo, Deepak and 2 other guys went to the beach. Martin had cooked some delicious food for us, there was
fried rice, tiger prawns, pickle, salad, bread, raw mangoes sliced (yyummmmmm), macrels stuffed with masala, soft drinks & beer. Azavedo got along with him squids masala.
Goshhh it was one of those unplanned picnics that have been a great success..
It was a great afternoon lunch, followed by bath at the sea, a beautiful sunset to end the day.

Cheers Party begins

Opps that Riddi, righ up on the tree, a lil monkey for sure

Deepak does his bit, playing with the buffaloes

Thats the little Ms.Charming "Riddi"

Father and daughter, enjoying the cycle ride

The beach at Dona Paula, below Cabo Raj Bhavan

And the Titans descended on the beach at last...

Hey Princess

Thats my bit of photography, howz it???

Play time

A beautiful sunset

A beautiful sunset

Father and Daughter

My favorite photograph

Thats the gang
best friends

A beautiful sunset

Mastering Photography - How is this photograph??? I need reviews

Mastering Photography

Mastering PhotographyBaba "Beer-dev"

Look at the cool breeze, can you feel it blow.....

It was a great day at Dona Paula, thankz Martin

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