Sunday, July 22, 2012

exotic goa magazine

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Contents July 2012
  • Yolanda Souza - A Yeomans Service to Women's football & the Art world
  • Bruno Coutinho - International Footballer of India
  • Dr. Carmo D'Souza-Prof of Law, Mathematics & author law & fiction.
  • Ms. Mary Kay Graves Fry Shares the memories of her father.
  • NoMoZo - II
  • MILSIM Goa
  • Music Video Release and COncert by KARMA
  • 'LET IT RAIN', the umbrella project
  • Save the Indian Bull Frog
  • World Music Day
  • Goa Dance Sport wins Dance Sport Nationals.
  • San Joao celebrated in Goa.
  • Google I/O extended 2012
  • St. Alex Chruch Calangute
  • Friend - Poem by Ms. Prudencia
  • Goans Overseas
  • Goan Association Canada
  • Goa Sudarop met Captain Sullenberger

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