Friday, June 29, 2012

Ismilda Research Consultancy - Building up data on Calangute

Dear Friends for Calangute,
July is the month of the feast of our Patron Saint St. Alex. It is fitting that we turn our focus on our village. This is more so as it has always been a month for relaxation and introspection, as the monsoon fury burst on the shores. So it is a fitting that we use this month to build up data on Calangute which can be used by future researchers.

Ismilda Research Consultancy ( intends to collect useful data which can be used by researchers, whether they are from Goa, Diaspora or even visitors from abroad. With this in view we will store data with us and share it with others. The data has to be e-mailed to us as per instructions given below. We also intend collecting hard copies and other data in the near future when we intend to hold a three day Festival on our village.

Instructions :
1.Data is to be typed on word document  and sent as attachment by e-mail. Our e-mail is or
2.Typed material must not exceed 500 words. It should be as brief and clear as possible so that it can stimulate researchers on their independent path. The material is not to feed researchers with ready made data.
3.The subject on the e-mail should be = Research Data.

•Skeletal Biographies of giants that contribute to Calangute in any profession from fisheries , agriculture, medicine, law, church etc.
•Names and short description of particular  Vogge , Rampons , Tavernas, Shops, flour and rice meals etc.
•Names and contribution of prominent footballers.
•Titles and short descriptions of books on the village or written by the villagers.
•Any other interesting material
Ismilda will be shortly releasing ‘Empowering Goa: A Manual of Projects for School Students’ along with a CD which carries a presentation on ‘ Nostalgic Calangute’.

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