Sunday, July 10, 2011

Down Memory Lane - St. Joseph High School Calangute

Down Memory Lane - a visit to my school 
"St. Joseph High School - Calangute"
I visited my school today as NGO Vision Education Society was holding a workshop. I always wanted to visit my school, but was never able to do so. Got a strange feeling as I entered the gate since I had  not gone back to my school. To the right hand side of school gate was the chapel which was closed. Next to it, in the garden was the tomb of Rev. Fr. E. F. Rego, the Founder of the school. It had a beautiful inscription. So very true

"I have fought the good fight

I have finished the Race

I have kept the faith"

All that was left was one old school building the other one had been demolished and in its place 2 story building had been constructed. As I passed by the office, saw the familiar smiling face  of the same office staff that was present while I was a student. On greeting him, asked for the direction to the office of the headmaster. Entered in and introduced myself to Brother Apoli D'Souza the headmaster and briefed him on the workshop. Bro. Apoli was kind enough to have given the permission and had kept the hall ready with all the arrangements to conduct the workshop.

The workshop started at 10.30 a.m with Mollie da Gama Silva conducting the workshop, Mr. Vijay Shetti Principal of Jhyan Vikas School graced the occasion in the presence of Brother Apoli. The response of the students at the workshop was excellent.

I was not able to meet any of my old teachers,  but I did meet P.E teacher Sir. Anthony Lobo. He was very co-operative throughout the workshop. He remembered not only me but also my brother who was a student of the same school. Among the new teachers,  I did see a few of my old teachers as they passed through the corridors from one class to another, they looked just the same as they were years ago.

After the workshop I strolled through the lush green playground, it was  walking down the memory lane.I went looking for a statue of St. Joseph that used to be in the old building but could not find it. On inquiry with Sr. Anthony Lobo, learnt that it had moved to the chapel. Informed him that the chapel has been closed. He requested  one of the students to open the  chapel  for me. I knelt down praying in the silence and in harmony with god. It was such a wonderful feeling just being there. I could visualize myself in the light blue shirt and dark blue shorts (my uniform) being seated in the chapel and Fr. Rego saying the holy mass.

I was very happy to know that my school has been excelling in every sphere from studies, extra curricular activities to sports.
I was extremely happy  visiting  my school and will be looking forward to visiting again, Although it wont be with a school bag and in uniform.



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  1. Hey Rohani i am proud of you. you really brought tears to my eyes looking at the pictures of my school and boarding memories. Looking at my childhood place where i grew up and where my brothers and used to live, play, pray, study. Where we learned the values of our life. God Bless you


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