Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mundo Fado II - Sonia Sirsat - Indian Queen of Fado

Mundo Fado II - Sonia Sirsat - Indian Queen of Fado

India's Queen of Fado "Sonia Sirsat" enthralled a full house audience at the Kala Academy today i.e. 14th February, 2011.

She was accompanied by Portuguese Muicians Flavio Texeira Cardoso on the Portuguese guitar and Pedro Minguel Soares on Classical Guitar, who had specially flown to Goa from Lisbon by Fundancao Oriente for this Concert

It was a combination of two different cultures and music a blending of traditional and contemporary Fados sung along with Indian instruments and konkani music
the programme included
1. Instrumental
2. Cansaco
3. Alfama
4. Amor de Mel
5. Performace by guest artist
6. Cartas d'amor
7. Ave Maria Fadista
8. Fado ds horas
9. Tive um coracao
10. Meu Amor Marinheiro
12. Zangei-me com meu amor
13. Doreachea Lharari
14. Barco Negro
15. Adeus Korcho velu pavlo

It was a heart touching experience to see the whole gathering give a thumbing standing ovation to Sonia Sirsat, that forced her to play a couple of more songs.

I salute this Nightingale of Goa. Well done Sonia, I hope this start goes a long way to take Fado to every goan home.

More videos of Mundo Fado down below the photographs



sonia sirsat sings Doryachae Lararhi

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  1. Rohan, thank you for sharing such a wonderful set of photo's and video's. Sad that I missed the occasion as Sonia has such an enchanting voice.


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