Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas in Goa - The Christmas Crib

The Christmas Crib in Goa

The Crib should be a cherished part of the Christmas celebration in every family. It is not only completely religious in significance but also presents to the children in a beautiful way the central event which we commemorate on this great feast. Thus it assumes the character of a religious shrine in the houses of the faithful during Christmas season. Dignified decoration might enhance its attraction and solemnity.
In Goa and around the world Christmas was celebrated with lots of fun and joy.
This Christmas as I visited my relatives and friends to wish them a Merry Christmas,
I have clicked photographs of a cribs which I came across
and I would like to share these photographs with the viewers of my blog.

A crib at Campal

A crib at Campal

A huge crib at Ribandar

A beautiful crib at Merces

A beautiful crib at Merces

Thats a sweet and simple crib at my friends place

This crib may not look beautiful on picture, but it was a very nice mechanical crib made by a Hindu artist in Merces. It had movements, light effects etc.

A beautiful crib

A beautiful crib

A beautiful Sunset as I went around visiting friends for Christmas

A star at Saligao, Goa

A crib by Heralds of Christ

A crib at a house in Campal, Goa

A crib at the Mapusa Muncipal Market Goa

Thats my little Crib

The Crib at the Panjim Church

A live crib, moving around at Porvorim Goa

Life Sized Santa at Panjim Goa

This is the crib that I liked the most, at St. Inez, Panjim Goa

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